There’s always that one house in the street that has an Intruder Alarm installed, which goes off and rings out for hours on end. It’s a nuisance, isn’t it? Keeping you awake at night. But, that’s the whole point of an Intruder Alarm Installation. It’s meant to be a nuisance to burglars who break in – the deafening sound scares them away instantly.

You might not pay much attention to it, but others will. More importantly, the burglars will. Especially if you live in a tight-knit community, you can bet your bottom dollar that Dorris from a few doors down will be out investigating and quickly on the phone to the Police.

Scaring intruders away quickly and drawing attention from neighbours to a potential break-in are probably the most important reasons for an Intruder Alarm Installation. They are, though, by no means the only reasons.

Reasons for an Intruder Alarm Installation

Here are just a few of the key reasons you should consider if you’re on the fence about investing in a Home Intruder Alarm System.

YOUR Prized Possessions

The first is pretty simple. You’ve worked hard all your life to buy a beautiful house, and fill it with a load of ‘stuff’ that’s important to you. Some of it will have a sizeable monetary value, like TVs and such like. Some of it will have purely sentimental value: Worth nothing to others, but things you’d no doubt be devastated about losing.

So whether your prized possessions are worth a pretty penny or not doesn’t really matter. What matters is they’re your possessions. It’s your stuff. And you need to take steps to ensure it’s safe and secure, the first being a Intruder Alarm Installation.

High Crime Areas

Not all of us live in sleepy little outer-suburbs or villages, with an almost 0% crime rate. If you live in an inner-city or high-crime area, you don’t have the luxury of being able to leave your front door unlocked all day without a worry in the world.

If you live in a moderate-to-high crime area, can you really afford to take a chance and not have an Intruder Alarm? You can’t, for reasons that will become clearer throughout this article.

Potentially Lower Insurance Premiums

We’ve spoken before about how our Home CCTV Systems can help to reduce your home insurance premiums. The same can be said if you opt for an Intruder Alarm Installation. Although there’s no guarantee that installing a Home Intruder Alarm System will reduce your premium, have you ever noticed that insurance companies almost always ask about what home security you have in place before providing a quote?

It’s the same with car insurance firms. They ask whether your car has an alarm fitted and, although they won’t admit to it lowering your premiums, it’s highly likely that having adequate security systems in place will reduce the quote you receive.

Worry-Free Trips Away

Back in the olden days, you’d have to get a neighbour to open your curtains in the morning, close them at night, and stick a light or two on every now again to make it look like you were home. Fast forward a few decades and an Intruder Alarm Installation negates the need for trying to trick any would-be burglars into thinking someone is home.

Moreover, it saves you from worrying while you’re away.

Visual Deterrent

This next reason needs little explanation. Burglars are stupid. That’s a fact we’ll give you for free. But, do you really think your average burglar would be that stupid to still have a crack at breaking into your home if it had a very visible siren on the front exterior?

It’s very unlikely. What’s more likely is they’ll spot the siren, think better of it and move onto a property that doesn’t appear to have an Intruder Alarm installed.

In fact, Leicestershire Police recently highlighted how Intruder Alarms are an ‘effective deterrent for burglars.’ Furthermore, surveys and research, Leicestershire Police say, indicate that premises are less likely to be broken into if they have an Intruder Alarm fitted.

Numbers DON’T Lie

We’re better with words than numbers. But, we do love a statistic – because numbers can tell us an objective story better than any words we could put together. Here are just a few to heed:

  • There was a 32% rise in domestic burglaries last year [Source: The Guardian]
  • Homes with an Intruder Alarm installed are five times less likely to be burgled [Source: Police.UK]
  • The average burglary will cost the victim £2,833 in repairing damage and replacing stolen goods – about five times more than the cost of an alarm system [Source: ONS]

Yet, according to Yale, 70% of British homes don’t have an Intruder Alarm installed. We’re pretty sure you’d prefer to be part of the 30% who have adequate home security measures in place. Agreed?

Next-Generation Home Security

These days, an Intruder Alarm Installation doesn’t just involve sticking a siren to the exterior of your home with a few motion sensors in some of the rooms. Oh no. It’s 2018 – and Home Security technology has gone very high-tech.

Take our range of Intruder Alarm Systems, for example. Using a smartphone or tablet, you can arm and disarm your system, and get real-time updates and alerts to inform you of a potential or ongoing intrusion in your home.

You can remotely access your Intruder Alarm System at any time, from wherever you are in the world.

VisonicGO iPhone Android smart phone app

The power is quite literally in your hands. So if you haven’t had a burglar alarm installed already – what are you waiting for?

Talk to Security Junction today about your Intruder Alarm Installation.

Get more tips and tricks on how to secure your home and deter intruders in our quick-read online guide here.

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