There’s that old idiom that says “an Englishman’s (or woman’s) home is his castle.” But, castles are safe, secure and sturdy. Impenetrable, you might say. If these shocking statistics about Home Security are anything to go by, many UK homes are anything but as safe as a castle.

Now, we’re not suggesting UK homeowners and landlords go about building a Tudor-style, crocodile-infested moat around their house. The amount of land and money needed to build one wouldn’t go a miss though, aye?

Jokes aside, looking at the statistics we’re about to show you, it’s easy to understand why domestic burglary is rising significantly. Yet, for a relatively nominal investment, Home Security can be bolstered significantly.

From CCTV Systems to Home Intruder Alarms, technology-driven Home Security solutions are no longer only for the wealthy and their lavish estates. The relative affordability of such systems, in fact, makes the following statistics all the more shocking.

Shocking Home Security Statistics

We’ve recently completed some desk research, looking at reputable Home Security sources, during which we came across the following.

  • Homes with no security measures in place are five times more likely to be burgled than those with simple security measures – Police.UK
  • 28% of UK adults take no measures to protect their property – Co-Op Insurance (via The Guardian)
  • A ‘successful’ burglary is completed by criminals every 76 seconds in the UK – Ifsec Global
  • £2,040 is the average cost of a domestic burglary through lost and damaged property – Office for National Statistics
  • Over 70% of properties broken into between 2010-11 did not have an Intruder Alarm installedOffice for National Statistics
  • 1 in 4 burglary victims have been burgled more than onceITCC
  • In 42% of burglary cases, items stolen total £1000 or moreLockRite

What Do These Statistics Mean?

What these shocking statistics show us is that, unfortunately, Home Security may not be as high up some homeowners’ priority lists as Security Junction – and no doubt The Police – would have hoped.

This somewhat laissez-faire, “It won’t happen to us” approach to protecting properties correlates with the recent 30% rise in domestic burglaries.

In a nutshell, whilst the number of burglaries is continuing to grow, it’s imperative for UK homeowners to make protecting their property a key priority. It’s time to take Home Security seriously.

The No.1 Way to Prevent a Burglary

In an intriguing research piece by Co-Op Home Insurance, highlighted by the Guardian, a number of convicted, reformed burglars were interviewed and surveyed. The ex-burglars said, and the research unanimously found, that CCTV cameras were the most effective deterrent for both domestic burglary and car theft.

The good news for UK homeowners is that, for less than £500, they can have the kryptonite burglars fear the most [CCTV] supplied and installed. A sound investment, don’t you think?

We recently put together a quick-read guide on how to secure your home and deter potential intruders. Read the seven tips here.

How Safe is Your Castle?

If you currently just rely on door and window locks as your primary Home Security measures, it could certainly be said that your home could certainly be made much safer. Better still, you can make it much more unattractive to would-be burglars by installing visual deterrents like Intruder Alarms and CCTV Systems.

MoneySupermarket also has a nifty online Burglary Hotspots tool, which will indicate if your area is hotbed for burglars. Even if you don’t necessarily live in a crime hotspot, though – that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make securing your property a priority.

What Home Security really boils down to is: How much do you value your family’s safety, your property, and the prized possessions you’ve worked so hard for?

Take a look at our quick-read guide to deterring burglars here.

Talk to Security Junction today about bolstering your Home Security with a CCTV Camera System and Home Intruder Alarm.

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